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Sweet new updates to the database! August 28, 2009

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Les adds to the list:

yard and outdoor tools

Air Compressor (small, no tank variety)
Pin nailer for compressor
Chop saw
Circular Saw
Rotary grinder
Cordless Drill/Screw gun
Cordless circular saw
Heat Gun

Electric hedge trimmer
Toolkit with screw drivers, nut drivers, socket wrenches, pliers, etc
Horse trailer (we have two now, a 2 horse and a 4 horse)
We also drive a 1/2 ton Chevy pickup. It’s our only vehicle, so its usually in use, but we may be able to carry loads for people, etc.


Quickdraws and Harness for rock climbing
160cm Snowboard
Size 10 snowboard boots
Mens Medium snow clothing

Horse training dvds

We’re looking for:
Wire feed welder
Body work and painting for our new horse trailer

Also Jessie says:

… what a GREAT concept!! As far as kitchen appliances go, I have a food processer that’s barely been used when I was doing the raw food thing.  Works great.
With Rec/Leisure, I have a sweet cruiser bike and tennis racket that can be borrowed.


2 Responses to “Sweet new updates to the database!”

  1. Emily Lewis Says:

    Are you wanting to sell your food processor by any chance? If so I would be interested! Thanks.

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